Network optimization, integration and security

We regularly receive questions about network problems. Often it concerns a network that functions too slowly. Or how about combining company-specific applications with optimal user experience, or working time and location-independency with optimal security? It is true that the digital workplace often raises a number of questions or problems. These are not insurmountable at all, but quite the contrary. Go For Cloud is your partner for optimizing your network to accommodate cloud services. As an expert in network security and network optimization, we are happy to conduct a network audit for you.

Flexible and scalable network optimization

Conventional solutions that use routers and gateways work very well, of course, but they also have a number of limitations. These limitations quickly become visible when connecting to cloud providers. After all, you can't just install a router there. A VPN router offers solutions but still makes it very difficult to deal flexibly with changing business needs. Especially when you set up new branches, where you would otherwise have to install and configure each device separately, there is a clear need for a more efficient solution that also saves costs. SD-WAN presents itself as that solution. 

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN or Software-Defined Wide Area Network makes it possible to connect individual business locations to the internal network. It is an ideal solution when you have several offices or production environments that need to connect to the same internal network or when connecting to cloud providers. Intelligent software is used so that the best network route is always used.

In practice, each location is provided with a virtual device (SD-WAN Appliance) that has multiple connections and on which one or more virtual WAN services run. These can be wired or wireless connections. Via these connections, data traffic is sent from one location to another, while choosing the most efficient route. Not only is the most efficient route chosen, but it is also perfectly possible to prioritize certain traffic. This makes it easy to determine that business-critical applications should be given priority. Finally, you keep an overview via the integrated central management and performance monitoring functionalities. It does all this on the basis of software, completely disconnecting the management of the network from the hardware.

Discover the power of Secure SD-WAN

Better User Experience

In times when the workplace is becoming increasingly digital, great user experience is paramount. And it's not just about the customers, but also about the employees. Offering them an optimal and predictable work experience, regardless of their location, increases both productivity and satisfaction. Affiliates count on improved performance and connectivity through SD-WANs. Performance is constant and predictable, but it is also easier to implement new applications.

Reliable Connectivity

For most applications the latency is decisive. To surf the internet or to send an e-mail, a path to the public internet is sufficient. For a number of business applications, the use of the off-net connection is recommended. This, of course, provides a lot of extra bandwidth. In addition, SD-WAN spreads the risk by combining the services of different providers. Because, unlike with MPLS, you work provider-independent, the other connections remain accessible.

Local Internet Breakout

SD-WAN guarantees you easy access to the Internet on any site. Where previously centralized gateways were used, with its own antivirus programs and functionalities, this is no longer profitable when Internet traffic increases dramatically. That's why it's better to remove the traffic from the network core and bring it as close to the user as possible. This is what we call Local Internet Breakout. As a result, internal network traffic can be reduced by up to 50%. Especially when the traffic is routed directly from the local site to the cloud service.

Advanced Protection

For many, MPLS appears to be a secure solution for traffic between branches, providers and data centers. However, the data is not analyzed and encrypted, so it remains necessary to funnel the traffic through a firewall. With an SD-WAN connection, you can count on improved security. In fact, today we no longer speak of SD-WAN but rather of Secure SD-WAN. That has everything to do with the fully integrated new generation of security. Data, for example, is always encrypted, and only you have the necessary decryption keys. Another example is the integration of a Next-Generation Firewall within a Zero Trust architecture. By combining machine learning with automation and a versatile collection of threat intelligence, it is even easier to secure endpoints.

A better solution than the MPLS connection

Compared to a classic MPLS connection, where data has to go back and forth to the data center, SD-WAN is a more efficient and cheaper solution. In addition, Secure SD-WAN is a more secure solution than the MPLS connection because MPLS does not analyse or encrypt the data, so a good firewall remains very important. With Secure SD-WAN, every connection is routed via the meshed VPN network and secured while on the move.

SD-WAN as-a-service

Although the choice for SD-WAN is a simple one, we can't say that about its implementation. Especially for large companies or companies with complex data needs, the practical implementation, as well as the management, security and optimization, is often an unfathomable tangle of issues. With Go For Cloud, you can easily leverage the advantages of SD-WAN without having to endure the headache that comes with it. SD-WAN as-a-service unburdens you completely and offers you a manageable service.


With SD-WAN as-a-service, you immediately merge some hard-to-fathom costs into a single monthly and predictable invoice. So you don't have to estimate in advance what the hardware, installation costs, software and management will cost you. In addition, everything remains wonderfully scalable and flexible.


Go For Cloud takes care of the full implementation for you, allowing you to focus on your company's core business. We take into account optimal functionality and do not fail to take steps to increase network redundancy. In addition, we remain available at all times and are only one phone call away from a solution.


You don't have to worry about security either. Together with our partners, we ensure the optimal security of the network, of course fully tailored to the needs of your business.

Network optimisation through Go For Cloud

Most network problems are caused by a slow company network. This can have various causes, ranging from an underperforming switch to the impact of the many  backups and the increasing number of cloud applications within a company. In addition, not only the speed plays a role, but the security of your network is also of great importance. The continuity of your processes, the productivity of your employees and the satisfaction of your customers are inextricably linked to your network. That is why we set the bar high.

Opt for the managed services solution of Go For Cloud and ensure that your network always performs optimally. We take care of both the management of your network and its security. We go for watertight security combined with maximum uptime. Contact us today for a network audit, after which we will immediately proceed to the network optimization with a view to cloud services.