Consultancy & advice

At Go For Cloud, you can count on a no-nonsense IT consulting team specialising in cloud solutions and flexible digital workplaces. We help you define your IT strategy and look for solutions that perfectly match your business needs. Our consultants will advise and assist you throughout the transition process. However, you can also call on their expertise for various partial questions. Even for solving complex problems or issues relating to the cloud, our consultants are there for you.

Consultancy firm for a successful cloud transition

The cloud knows no boundaries and moves across the digital landscape like a cloud full of opportunities. Yet the migration to the cloud is not always smooth. This, of course, has everything to do with the fact that there are no ready-made overarching solutions. And that's exactly why the consultants at Go For Cloud are so happy to help you.

We are happy to get to know your company and analyse its various processes and workflows. If necessary, we carry out IT audits to uncover any sticking points. At the same time, we examine where technology standardisation and optimisation might be possible. Do we know your processes through and through and do we know where your IT needs lie? If so, we will issue our initial advice to you straight away.

Selection of the right cloud tools

A digital workplace in the cloud should give employees maximum support and help them to get the best out of themselves. They must be able to collaborate securely, while IT must provide opportunities and not restrict them. By migrating to the managed cloud, not only do you meet these requirements, but you also don't have to worry about your IT infrastructure and can just focus on your core business.

On the train, at the customer's premises or at home? Data should be available anytime, anywhere without ever losing sight of security & compliance. Thanks to a solid cloud component, modern workplace data can be accessed from anywhere, files remain accessible at all times and employees continue to work everywhere. In addition, they remain accessible at all times and have all modern tools at their disposal to work together optimally.

Not only do employees work device- and location-independent, but you don't have to worry about security breaches. All data is neatly encrypted and located in a secure environment.

Migrate to the cloud step by step

Go For Cloud helps you migrate effectively to the cloud without compromising your existing work processes. Existing applications are simply taken into account and you immediately rely on modern tools to enable collaboration.

Workplace as a Service (WaaS)

In order to make every device, every application and all data accessible at all times, a combination of carefully selected technology, robust processes and the necessary experience is indispensable. Through Go For Cloud's WaaS model, we not only provide the necessary advice, but also the seamless integration and implementation in your IT processes. We use the right technologies and choose IT solutions that are easily scalable, always starting from the input of our customers. The result? A complete lifecycle of workshop virtualisation services, including support.

Thanks to the WaaS model, you don’t need to invest in the renewal of your infrastructure and you no longer have to deal with depreciation periods. Instead, you opt for transparent operational expenses that are easy to predict.

Within this transparent price tag, you can count on all the security tools you should expect from your cloud provider. This includes not only the security of your applications and data but also the encrypted data transfer and timely backups.

  • Full transition to the cloud for all desktops, laptops and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) on your network

  • Setup of all collaboration tools

  • Phased and controlled rollout of all cloud solutions

  • Structured rollout of cloud solutions

  • Complete protection of data, applications and connections

Working anywhere and anytime

Your favourite apps become accessible from anywhere and your employees continue to work the way they always did. Because they work in the cloud, they can access their documents anytime, anywhere, no matter what device they're working on. This allows them to supplement the spreadsheet at home, but quickly share a working document with a colleague.

Without losing control

In an ideal working environment, employees have access to company information wherever they are and whatever device they use. However, it is necessary that access provision is secure and structured. Via the digital workplace, you provide your employees with access to business applications and data, while at the same time easily securing the company's data. By combining Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management with extensive security and compliance functionalities, you always retain control without disrupting the privacy of your employees. 

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

With BYOD, employees use their own smartphone, tablet or laptop for work. This not only results in considerable cost savings, but they are also very familiar with their device. The digital workplace prevents legal complications and ensures a separation between business and private use. In addition, you ensure that the work experience on every device, regardless of the operating system, is similar.

Secure internet access - in the office, on the road or at home

When your employees are working at home or in the local library, you are not always sure of a secure internet connection. Fortunately, there are numerous cloud proxy solutions that protect the devices cost-effectively. This provides protection against the most sophisticated threats, both in the office and on the go.

Virtual datacentre

Just like a physical workplace, a digital workplace needs infrastructure. That is why we are happy to roll out a virtual data centre for you. This allows us to offer on-demand computing and storage, while we migrate your favourite applications and complex workloads to the cloud via our managed services model.

For your modern workplace, you don't need to invest in new infrastructure and you don't have to deal with high start-up costs. This replaces unexpected investments with transparent and predictable IT costs. It is a suitable financial solution for both large and small organisations.

High availability

Via the Virtual Datacentre, we guarantee maximum uptime. So-called 'single points of failure' do not shut down the entire system, while they are detected and dealt with immediately. Not only is downtime kept to a minimum, but you also don't have to worry about it through our managed services model.

State of the art protection

By offering the infrastructure virtually (IaaS), you don't have to worry about its security. Security is completely centralised and is included in the price tag. Because we manage large amounts of data, we can also invest larger amounts in its security. Both software and physically, you can count on the best security for your data. You will also reap the benefits of this in terms of compliance.


We ensure that your data is safe and available every day. That's why we use advanced technology to protect your data. However, we also work preventively and ensure the continuous evolution of our security layers through assessments and audits. We monitor every threat and intervene immediately. Without noticing it, you benefit from the best security. And that is without us charging extra for it.

Support from a distance

Go For Cloud is more than just a collective of advisors. We will assist you throughout the transition to the cloud. We opt for a phased approach where we do not disrupt your work processes and where there is no risk of data loss. What's more, we will never let you down, even after implementation. We are always available for remote support and are happy to help you further. Do we need to scale up a number of services? Do you encounter practical problems or does the processing manager have a number of questions? Not only do we deal decisively with all your questions but, if necessary, we also intervene proactively to guarantee you the best experience.

Go for the cloud today

Are you ready for the workplace of the future? Then let's work out the transition path together so that the transition goes smoothly. One of our Solution Architects will be happy to visit you to map out all processes and draw up a plan of approach. Our team of Cloud Architects will do the rest.

Take the first step towards the modern workplace today and  contact  Go For Cloud without any obligation.