Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Digital work environments often present a number of challenges, such as time- and location-independent working, personal devices on the shop floor and a mishmash of operating systems. How can you guarantee data security when employees work anywhere and anytime in the cloud? How do you secure access on personal devices without compromising privacy? And how can you ensure that all apps are available and that updates are installed immediately? These are not illogical questions. That's why we at Go For Cloud can provide you with a range of tools that not only answer these questions, but also make IT management easier.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager as a central solution for digital ecosystems

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a management solution for mobile devices and operating systems. It is fully cloud-based, integrated with EMS components such as Azure Active Directory and allows you and your employees to work securely. Microsoft Endpoint Manager allows you to manage all mobile devices and PCs, as well as their mobile apps. Regardless of whether it's business or BYOD devices. In addition, you protect your company's data by controlling how employees access it. Finally, you ensure that all devices and applications you use meet your company's security requirements.

Endpoint security and compliance

With Microsoft Endpoint Manager, you have a single solution for endpoint security and compliance, whether on iOS, Windows or Android devices. You immediately streamline the setup of these devices, as well as the delivery of apps, deployment of updates and full policy management.

IT efficiency and clear cost structure

Thanks to the easily scalable cloud service architecture, you can quickly and efficiently roll out new rules, updates or applications for groups of employees or groups of devices. This reduces the cost of IT management while ensuring cost transparency. Costs remain constant and predictable, even with high turnover, the closure or establishment of a new branch or the use of new applications.

Features of Microsoft Endpoint Manager

The added value of Microsoft Endpoint Manager for digital ecosystems only really becomes clear when we take a closer look at a number of examples. Such as the ability to organise BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in an efficient way or to quickly offer a new client app. The possibilities, of course, go much further and that is precisely why we are happy to discuss it with you personally.

Providing business equipment

Microsoft Endpoint Manager allows you to centrally set up and manage devices without tinkering with each individual device. This allows you to centrally set up device configurations and automate the setup of business devices such as laptops and smartphones. Usually, these are customised configurations and applications, but you can also offer optional and conditional applications via the business portal application.

In addition, the automatic system goes one step further. Once a device comes out of its packaging, all it takes is a few moments to register it. To do this, you are not dependent on the company network and any encrypted internet connection is sufficient. All applications and configurations then come automatically. When it comes to compliance, you are immediately certain. Is it not possible to connect via the company network? Even then, you configure everything automatically via an encrypted internet connection.

In other words, you guarantee seamless access to all business applications, optimum security and reduce the costs of reconfiguring numerous devices each time. It is an ideal solution for various purposes. Think of making devices available to employees on a large scale, reducing administration costs in the event of a high turnover and offering devices such as tablets in a structured way.

  • Register devices for management

  • Assign mobile applications to employees

  • Configure devices and applications to meet security requirements

  • Update applications automatically

  • Provide certificates and VPN profiles to access internal business services

  • Remove company information from managed devices or applications

  • Determine how business data is shared with mobile apps

  • Report on application and device compatibility

  • Guarantee the compliance of all devices

Providing conditional access to users and/or devices

Through Microsoft Endpoint Manager, you determine the conditions that devices or users must meet before they are compatible and can access company information. As far as the user conditions are concerned, we often end up in the waters of MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). This way you can be absolutely sure that it is actually users who get access and that you are not welcoming hackers.

There are various methods and possibilities to validate identity. For example, if a user starts working at home, you can impose a second authentication method. Think, for example, of an SMS code. However, when the same user is on the company network, the SMS code is not needed. 

You can also impose requirements on the device used. Only devices that are registered and meet the compliance requirements will then have access to business applications. Usually, conditions will apply to both users and devices, but it can also be a completely different process.

Securing Office 365 data

With Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, you protect your data and documents in Office 365. Users, apps and devices can only access this data if they meet strict requirements, such as the use of a managed app or multiple identification methods. Through Microsoft Endpoint Manager, you configure data containment policies and prevent data from being shared with unmanaged storage locations such as Dropbox or other unguarded apps.

Security & compliance of personal devices (BYOD)

The benefits of a BYOD programme cannot be disputed. In spite of this, personal devices can already elude the management of the IT department, which in turn entails risks. An alternative that makes it easy to remove barriers is to restrict management to business apps. This makes it easy to roll out an app security policy and prevents data loss through unattended storage locations and applications. Microsoft Endpoint Manager supports Windows, Android, macOS and iOS.

  • Isolate personal data from business data

  • Selectively erase company data from mobile applications

  • Shield business data from unmanaged applications

Offering a new client app

Via Microsoft Endpoint Manager, you can easily assign new apps to your employees. This ensures that they always have access to all the applications they need for their business. You offer the app to all devices, but also to specific user groups or specific device groups. For example, it is possible to offer the app only to the sales department or only to the shared tablets in the shop. You can also roll out the installation process centrally.

Endpoint security & compliance via Go For Cloud

At Go For Cloud, we believe that the choice of the cloud does not have to have any drawbacks. Location, device and time-independent work should not result in a crumbling security policy or compromise the efficiency of device management. That is why we like to work with you in partnership. We offer you a broad set of solutions, integrated into Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and help you configure them. Would you like to know more? Ask your questions for non-binding advice.