Cloud Telephony

Traditional telephone exchanges and a digital workplace don’t seem to fit together right away. The traditional system is based on a single point of failure and the lengthy list of numbers that depend on the employee’s location certainly do not make things easier. The limited flexibility that a traditional telephone exchange provides contrasts sharply with the dynamic work environments that we now find ourselves in. In addition, you have to be extra careful about keeping your security up to date in the digital times that we live in. 

Don’t allow telephony to put the brakes on the digital revolution, choose Cloud Telephony from Go For Cloud.

The logical choice for Cloud Telephony

When you are faced with the limitations of a traditional telephone exchange, Cloud Telephony is often the best solution. With Cloud Telephony, your calls are always placed via the internet, irrespective of which internet connection you use. The switchboard is located in the cloud and you do not need to make any investments. In addition, you can simply make online calls, forward to other devices and all this regardless of location. All you need? A stable internet connection and a reliable partner, such as Go For Cloud. Don't you have the first one? Then you just keep calling via 4G!

Indispensable for today’s working environments

The diversity of today’s work environments, such as working from the office, on the train, from home or from the client’s premises, means that accessibility is always a challenge. However, via Cloud Telephony, employees can be reached at the same phone number no matter where they are located. Moreover, it is even possible to make mobile calls with your business phone number. Cloud Telephony is easy to set up and very scalable so that you don’t run into the limitations of traditional switchboards when you need additional staff.

24/7 availability

Physical boundaries are no longer a limitation. Are you opening a new branch, working from home or do you plan to move? If so, Cloud Telephony will move with you. In principle, Cloud Telephony doesn’t require any changes to your IT infrastructure and it is at least as flexible as your company so that you can be reached anywhere.

Pay as you use

If you choose Cloud Telephony, you do not need to invest in a switchboard. In addition, you will also not need to pay for a variety of maintenance costs. Where you used to be focused on the need to look at recurring costs, you can now access an OPEX model where you only need to pay for actual usage. As a result, your telephone bill simply evolves with your activities and usage. While the purchase of the device incurs a one-off cost, you do not need to incur any further start-up costs. If you prefer, you could also opt to rent a phone or just use the application and/or web-version exclusively. Now that is truly paying only according to your usage.

User-friendly solution

In order to use Cloud Telephony, in principle, you do not need to lay any new cables or install exchanges. Everything can be done via the existing network and/or a handy web plug-in or application. Actually, the installation is self-explanatory and in most cases, you don’t need a plug-in at all. The configuration process is also virtually automatic, for example by scanning a QR code. In the meantime, you no longer need to worry about having a bad phone line.

Maintain control

Cloud Telephony doesn’t mean that you are losing out on opportunities. On the contrary, it is perfectly possible to configure a plan that specifies where incoming calls will be delivered. Or to which number they will be forwarded if there is no answer. You can also specify what needs to happen in case of a power failure or internet connectivity problem.

Receive insight into calling behaviour

Many companies have no insight into calling behaviour, which makes it very difficult to optimise customer contact. Thanks to a link with your ERP system, you will be able to see all applicable customer data during an incoming call. In the opposite direction, you can call a customer with a single click from your ERP system and the call is neatly logged.

In addition, internal call flows also reap the benefits of clarity. You can easily detect communication problems between departments and ensure accuracy and efficiency. With Cloud Telephony, you can obtain extensive statistics about the calling behavior in your company quickly which makes it easier to optimize things.

A safe choice 

We regularly receive questions pertaining to the security of Cloud Telephony. However, you do not need to worry. Because you rely on the cloud, in addition, you also have access to the far-reaching cloud security. With a telephone switchboard that is located in the cloud, you automatically enjoy the best security. There is no need to worry about power outages, fire damage or the mistakes made by IT administrators. What’s more, no one can intercept your telephonic conversations because they are encrypted.


Cloud Telephony gives you maximum freedom to make calls. Not only in terms of time and place, but also when it comes to the devices that are used. For example, calls can be made using a laptop and a web-browser but it is also possible to make calls by using an application. Windows, Android, iOS or macOS? No problem.

Cloud Telephony, only benefits?

Let it be clear that Cloud Telephony offers numerous benefits, especially when compared to owning your own private telephone exchange. You can replace location-dependent calls with a flexible telephony experience that always makes use of the same number. High purchase, installation and investment costs are finally a thing of the past.

Nevertheless, there may still be a number of reasons where owning your own telephone exchange makes more sense. For example, your current equipment may not have depreciated sufficiently or your local data network may not be ready for Cloud Telephony. Perhaps you simply prefer investing in your own exchange as opposed to an OPEX model. We certainly do not ignore these factors. What's more: we are happy to provide an integration or link with your existing switchboard in order to make the cloud possibilities available without your switchboard having to be overhauled.

If you have any questions about the  possibilities of your current data network, we are always ready to provide you with more information. Clear and transparent, as you should expect from your cloud provider.

Cloud Telephony via Go For Cloud

We at Go For Cloud are strongly committed to the digital workplace. We offer cloud solutions that allow employees to work more securely, no matter where they are. We build network solutions that make it easy for you to open a new branch and we provide  Cloud Backups  to ensure the security of your data. We are also committed to telephony solutions for the best telephony experience. Discover the benefits of Cloud Telephony today and contact us to discuss the possibilities.